About Us

About Us

Tomorrow's Hope Foundation

Providing needs-based tuition assistance

The mission of the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation is to provide tuition assistance for families who want their children to attend a Catholic elementary school, but need financial help to make it possible. The Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation solicits donations from individuals and corporations, and allocates that money to families based on financial need. A Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation grant either anonymously to the family, or on a direct one-to-one basis with ongoing dialogue between student and donor, subsidizes the tuition needed to attend the school of your choice.

The Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation has distributed more than 20 million dollars in aid to over 17,000 qualifying students since its inception. Today, the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation provides almost two million dollars annually that subsidizes tuitions.

In some cases, schools and Parishes also have scholarship funds available. Families are encouraged to speak with the Principal at the school of their choice about the options available.

Parents seeking tuition assistance for their child can apply for aid through the Tomorrow's Hope Foundation by using the forms on this page.

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